NZPMBA Launched!

PRESS RELEASE- 20 December 2017
The New Zealand Professional Mountain Bike Association

After 18 months of phone calls, emails, meetings and generally trying to pull things together, Ash Peters (WORD and Joyride), Greg McIntyre (Fat Tire Adventures), Kris Bartley (Bigfoot Adventures) and Jamie Mead (Skyline Rotorua Gravity Park) launched the NZ Professional MTB Association (NZPMBA) on Wednesday 13th of December 2017, in Wellington.

This group came together after Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) brought a group of Mountain Biking Operators together in Christchurch to discuss Trail Grading. At the same time, Jamie Mead had been rallying the NZ Bike Parks to form an association to act as a collective body. Having run parallel and trying to achieve the same goals, both groups came together to form the NZPMBA.

The NZPMBA committee is a collection of business owners, managers, guides, instructors, assessors and auditors. All representing the ‘Professional’ Mountain Biking industry. The goal of the NZPMBA is to act as a funnel to which all Professional Mountain Biking standard, qualification and regulatory conversations are passed through. The Association will be a sounding board and guiding body for the partners listed below. Some of the first objectives of the NZPMBA will be to address the national trail grading system, Mountain Bike guiding and instructing qualifications and a Mountain Bike Adventure Safety Guideline.

The founding Association committee above, met representatives from agencies the association at Wellington’s Mt Victoria for riding and then on to the official launch at the Hop Garden. The list of attendees was a truly impressive one, with Tourism Industry Aotearoa, NZ Recreation Association, Department of Conservation, Worksafe, ACC, NZ Outdoor Instructors Association, Skills Active, Adventuremark, NZ Mountain Biker and Mountain Safety Council to name a few.

This news was met with great enthusiasm from all in attendance as Mountain Biking, being one of the fastest growing sport and recreation activity in the country has exploded in recent years without regulation or qualification keeping pace. Agencies such as Worksafe and ACC have looked to open lines of communication with the industry but have not had a representative body to speak to, until now. To the NZPMBA’s delight, several agencies saying on the night of the launch they would fund some of the NZPMBA projects.

The association has been divided into areas of responsibility.

Ash Peters – Instruction
Greg McIntyre – Guiding
Kris Bartley – Qualifications
Jamie Mead – Bike parks

The website will be launched this week and membership to the association January 2018. The NZPMBA is still in its infancy but is expected to grow quickly as the day after the launch the NZPMBA was bombarded with an abundance of interested operators.

With lines of communication now well and truly open between the NZPMBA and partners, the next step will be to promote and encourage Professional Mountain Bike Operators to become members of the Association. Initially this will come at little to no cost as the NZPMBA feels the Association is about bringing operators together and raising the standard of operations to be a truly “Professional” industry.

Should you wish to make contact with the association, please refer to the contact section of the Website




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