Bike Parks

With a new bike park proposal arriving on council desks across the country every other week, there is no doubt bike parks contribute significantly to the growing mountain bike industry in NZ.

Currently, the following bike parks are open to public and operate in a professional capacity:

Both Nelson and Wellington have tabled proposals for chair/gondola operations.

The bike parks operating from the top to the bottom of the country have differing trail grades, different signage and different ways of operating. Some of these differences make a confusing journey for a rider through our country, through a lack of consistency. Some of the differences are negligible. However, through our differences we all face many of the same challenges; grading trails, hot spots, riders riding out of their ability etc.

The NZPMBA was formed to group the industry together and to create industry standards and consistency in an industry that has grown exponentially in recent years without qualification, rules, regulations or guidelines following the rate of growth. It presents a forum for discussion, a resource for proprietors and a central body for agencies such as ACC and Worksafe to work with. ‘We’ as an industry want to be in charge of writing how our industry will be guided in years to come. Bike Parks form a growing piece of the puzzle due to the unique challenges we face.

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