AAO- for bike parks

The Adventure Activity Audit

Currently, only mountain bike operations that guide or coach are required to undergo the Adventure Activities audit. This has meant most bike parks around the country have been exempt. However, in a recent bulletin from Worksafe they raised the point that a Canadian study showed that shuttle or lift accessed mountain biking can increase the chances of injury. As a result, an exemption from the AA audit may not last much longer and uplift operators and bike parks will be included. Skyline Rotorua voluntarily completed the audit from 2014-2017 out of good practice, but completing the audit in its existing format will mean there will be a lot of “Not applicable” criteria or a revised version of the audit to cater for bike park operations. The legislation does determine that if one operator registers officially for the Audit, all operators will have to follow suit. The industry and regulators are scrambling a little to play catch up with an industry that has grown incredibly fast and unfortunately is costing the government a substantial sum in injuries. As an industry we can expect the likes of Worksafe, ACC, Skills Active, NZOIA all to release regulations, standards and qualifications within the next 18 months.

A few stats:

The most at Risk age group are males aged 40-49

Approximately 70% of MTB injuries are wrists and shoulders

Intermediate riders are the most at risk group

Canterbury has the most reported MTB injuries per year

Cycling has the second highest reported injury rate in NZ

Whistler bike park attends more injuries in the bike park than the ski field does in winter

Statistically there is a higher consequence on flow trails than there is on technical ones.

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