Guide Training

The Profile of a Mountain bike guide.

Enthusiastic– guiding is about people, as much if not more than about riding. You will need to be able  talk to people on their level be engaging with empathy and have patients and be good at riding. Many guides may think that the day is about them and they need to be the centre of attention, but the probability is the riding is the focus.

Expertise. A solid rider strong and steady at ascending, descending, technical old school riding (no need to be a racer of any king- just a strong fit capable rider- there will always be someone stronger and faster!?) with strong mechanical knowledge and practical ability for workshop and trail bike fixing. People skills are more important than riding skills.

Experience. Life and trail experience. General knowledge of the areas you ride/guide, mountain biking and mountain bike and knowledge of the world the client is from- you have to talk to them or get them talking as sometimes its not all about the riding or you?

Qualifications for mountain bike guides.

Best practice for guides in New Zealand include the following: 

  • PHEC Pre-Hospital emergency care level first aid
  • A New Zealand mountain bike leader qual- Skills Active have these- new higher level 5 and 6 will be available 2018.  An international equivalent guiding qualification. Some guiding companies do in house training but if you have a recognized qualification you would be more employable.
  • P endorsed drivers licence
  • A strong understanding of risk and people management – this will be covered in the Skills Active level 5 Guide qualification.

*Each company will have their own standards to adhere to.


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