Instructor Training

What makes a great MTB Instructor?

Safe. Professional. Fun. Knowledgeable.

The following are a recommendation for prerequisites:

-Experience working with people
-MTB Coaching/Instructing certification (see below)
-Current first aid certification (Outdoor First Aid, PHEC preferred)
-At least 2 years MTB experience (Intermediate/Advanced MTB skills)
-Passion for riding and instructing
-16 years and older

NZ Instructing Qualifications

The New Zealand MTB Qualifications are currently being developed and are expected to launch Autumn 2018.

Professional MTB Instructor Association (PMBIA) provide Instructor Training Courses during the year.  The PMBI Association is the not-for-profit, governing body for mountain bike Instructor certification courses, within the mountain bike industry. These Certifications are the most widely available and recognized certifications courses in the world today. The PMBI Association has established itself as the industry standard, building strong relationships with many industry leaders such as Whistler Bike Park, IMBA Canada, CASI and MTBA. The PMBI Association continues to develop it’s courses each year as we strive to offer the finest instructor programs in the outdoor sports industry.

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